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Sakuragao "Yuinoka" Sake - 1800ml

$23800 $25000

"Yuinoka" Sake - 1800ml

Brand: Sakuragao
Barcode No: 4967290932014
Size: 1800ml/pc
Packing: 1800ml
Country of Origin: Japan
Alcohol level: 16%

Method of Preparation
Ready to drink

Rice Polishing Ratio: 40%
Yuinoka is a new sake-rice which is developed by Iwate prefecture. After much trial and error, this rice became the most excellent rice in Iwate prefecture.
Compared with Yamada-nishiki(most expensive sake rice), Yuinoka makes more pure and clear sake.

• Company name: Sakuragao Shuzo K.K.
• Founded in October 1973
• Location: 23-18 Kawame-cho, Morioka city, Iwate, Japan
• Business: Manufacture of Japanese Sake

• Sakuragao is a sake brewer based in the Iwate prefecture of Japan, first founded in 1911. It is the recipient of multiple awards for its sake, carefully brewed by its master brewer, 藤村 光弘 (Fujimura Mitsuhiro) who is recognised as an expert sake master brewer by the Iwate prefecture. Sakuragao's sake is made from the finest sake-rice named 吟ぎんが (ginginga), developed in the Iwate prefecture itself. Together with the expertise of its artisans, Sakuragao brings to you sake of the highest quality Gold Award – The National New Sake contests (National New Sake Tasting Appraisal in 2000, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2016
•Gold Award – The Iwate New Sake Contests (Iwate New Sake Tasting Appraisal)
•Gold Prize – Japan Sake Awards 2021