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Soft Japanese Rice Cake with Kinako - Soy Bean Powder - 8pcs/pack 柔らかおはぎ(きなこ)

$1250 $1350

Soft Japanese Rice Cake with Kinako - Soy Bean Powder  柔らかおはぎ(きなこ)

Soy Bean flavoured, Not overly sweet.

A big soy bean flavoured rice cake. Do not defrost it for too long and serve while it is still firm. It is sprinkled with soy bean powder which has a nutty flavour.

Ingredients: Glutinous Rice, Sugar, Redbeans, Kinako, Salt, Emulsifiers, Enzyme

Contains: Soybeans and milk

Manufactured in a factory that uses wheat and sesame.

Net Content: 640g

Store at or below -18 deg. C

Packing: 8 pcs packet


Country of Origin: Japan

Sizes: 80g/pc, 8pcs

Brand: Ohbun

Barcode No: 0786899512090


Thaw the rice cake in the refrigerator. After the rice cake has been thawed, it must be consumed within 24 hours.

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